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Coaching Mastery Academy
I know how it feels

You know what you need to do, but for some reason you're just not doing it!


You may have been playing with the idea of becoming a coach, wondered if it is for you. 


Questioning if you could do it?

Wondering where to start!


NOW is the time for you to break free from the cycle and get out of your own way. 

In the Coaching Mastery Academy program, I am excited to share with you the precise steps required to propel yourself forward and manifest the life you've longed for. These steps have been thoughtfully broken down into easily digestible portions, making your journey towards personal transformation smooth and manageable.


If you're tired of feeling trapped and restless, this program is tailor-made for YOU! You'll receive comprehensive assistance, unwavering support, clear direction, and the profound clarity necessary to break free from your current constraints. I am wholeheartedly committed to guiding you through every single step of this transformative journey.



🌟 Step 1: Grab Your Ticket to Transformation 🌟

Are you tired of feeling stuck and uncertain about your life's direction? Our Coaching Mastery Academy program is your passport to a brighter future. We break down the journey into bite-sized, digestible chunks that will empower you to take control of your life.

🚀 Step 2: Unlock Your Full Potential 🚀

Say goodbye to that feeling of unease and embrace a life of purpose and fulfilment. Our program is designed to provide you with the guidance, support, direction, and clarity you've been longing for. It's time to unleash your true potential!


💡 Step 3: Your Journey Begins Here 💡


Join us on this transformative adventure. From personalised coaching to proven strategies, we've got you covered. Together, we'll chart a path towards the life you've always dreamt of.

🎯 Step 4: Take Action NOW 🎯

Don't wait any longer to create the life you deserve. The Coaching Mastery Academy is your opportunity for lasting change. Secure your spot today, and let's get started on your journey to mastery.

🌈 Step 5: Your Dream Life Awaits 🌈

The life you've been waiting for is within reach. With the Coaching Mastery Academy, you'll have the tools and support to make it a reality. It's time to step into your greatness and embrace the future you desire.

Ready to transform your life? Click below and apply today to start your journey with us now!


IT'S TIME TO STOP trying to spin all those plates, TO STOP Overthinking, TO STOP putting your dreams on hold! 

Now is the time, Now is YOUR time!

Having dreams alone will not get them done, you need your goals to align with your soul, you need to take action, have the habits and daily discipline for success and this is what I can help you with. You know deep down inside you, you have this, there is something bigger for you, and deep down you know this is true.

"You Also get SMASH for FREE!!! YES free...

WHAT IF... You could finally stop wasting your precious time...

Amanda Brenkley Image 16

What if you can release the resistance...

What if you can get to the root cause of your issues...

What if you can do this rapidly...

What if you didn't have to struggle alone...

What if you got the support, guidance and motivation...

What if you didn't have to spend years in therapy...

What would it feel like to be free from anxiety?

What would it feel like to be more confident?


This is a motivating experience, you will be inspired to take action and make steps to better your life.


Being empowered fosters self-confidence, unlocks potential, and inspires others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.


You get to be part of an amazing community. with people who are driven and motivated to get more out of life, just like you!


We can get to the root cause of your issues and release your limiting beliefs for once and for all

Amanda Brenkley Image 18
"If you knew how to solve your limiting beliefs you would not be carrying them around within you still"

Why? Because the subconscious mind holds the secrets to what is really going on. The subconscious mind is in control 95% of the time.
You want a breakthrough, do it!
You can SMASH IT!
I'm on a mission to help people
like you...

I love helping people like you get out of your own way, to eradicate your limiting beliefs, to get to that root cause of your issues and support you to find freedom, freedom from anxiety, worry, stress and feeling uneasy.

There is nothing I love more than seeing my clients succeed in life & business.

This coaching program is for elevating your whole life. Give yourself permission to tap into excellence with more confidence.
Amanda Brenkley Image 19
☑️ YOU WANT TO... Feel free from feeling lost, stuck, or uneasy where your life is at.
☑️ YOU'RE TIRED OF... Feeling tired, lack of energy, feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and tired of surviving and not thriving.
☑️ YOU DREAM OF... a more fulfilling life, wanting to feel more confident, clear and excited about your future.
☑️ YOU ARE READY TO... Take action and learn new skills to create a better life.


Get SMASH for FREE!!! YES for Free! 

Amanda Brenkley Image 20

You are NOT meant to walk this path alone...

I have a goal of moving you from great towards excellence, you aren't great unless you are doing something to make your life great.

I want your life to energise you, I want you to feel fulfilled, because this is what you deserve and what you are capable of.
Smash Course 5
This will give you the exact step-by-step roadmap for  success without COMPROMISE! get this whole program for FREE!
STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO COACHING... You get my full SMASH program for success, including many areas of life such as money, mindset and getting over anxiety which is getting in your way.
LIVE Q&A SESSIONS... I will be going live in the VIP Facebook group just for you guys for any questions you may have.
PRINTABLE EBOOK AND RESULTS JOURNALS... Your results journals will help you stay on track and has reflective activities and tools specifically designed to support you.
PRIVATE VIP FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP... This group is only for clients in my SMASH program. Here you will have a supportive community with extra tools & freebies.
Here's an insiders look at what you will learn in SMASH...



Strategy & First aid tips for anxiety


Money Mastery for a richer life


Anxiety, relationships & connections including social anxiety


Successful strategies to overcome anxiety that stand in the way of your business success


Harness more confidence NOW!

JUST Imagine what it will feel like when...
➕ You operate in excellence whilst having fun.

➕ You find peace, happiness and fulfilment.

➕ You are confident and unstoppable, with a strong sense of self worth.

➕ Nothing stands in your way, including yourself!

➕ YOU start winning and take inspired action to get the life you deserve.


Let's do this!
➕ NEXT Live Hypnosis Event: Entrepreneurial Success and Money Mindset

➕  Printable Results Journals

➕ Private VIP Facebook Group

That's right! Everything you need to finally get the BUSINESS and LIFE you want!
coaching mastery academy_edited.jpg

Discover Your Coaching Potential 🔥

Are you ready to turn your passion for helping others into a thriving coaching practice?


The Coaching Mastery Academy Program is your gateway to success. With us, you'll gain exclusive access to Amanda's rapid intervention strategies, a meticulously crafted practice curriculum, immersive coaching practice sessions, and all the essential knowledge needed to set up your own practice.

Unlock Your Coaching Expertise 🎯

Don't miss the chance to learn from the best. Amanda will share her tried-and-true coaching strategies in an exclusive coaching session. You'll also gain insights into the art of Rapid Intervention Breakthrough Strategies during a dedicated 121 coaching session with her.



Get Certified and Thrive 💡

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you'll receive an official Coaching Mastery Academy Certificate. This certification is your ticket to credibility and trust in the coaching world.


Invest in Your Future 💰


Now is the time to invest in yourself and your coaching practice. With this course, you're not just gaining knowledge; you're making an investment in your future success. Join us on this transformative journey today!


Your Coaching Dream Starts Here 🌟

Imagine having the skills, knowledge, and certification needed to start your own coaching practice. With the Coaching Mastery Academy Course, that dream can become a reality. Seize this opportunity to unlock your full coaching potential.

Ready to embark on your coaching journey? Click below to enroll in the Coaching Mastery Academy Course and take your first step towards a successful coaching practice!

coaching program hierarchy.jpg
☑️ x1 - 121 Business Strategy Coaching Session with Amanda.
☑️ Access to the Coaching Mastery Academy units in the Portal.

☑️ 6 x Coaching Masterclasses.
☑️ 1 x 121 - Rapid Transformation Session with Amanda. 
☑️ 6 x Ask Me Anything Sessions.
☑️  Certificate in Coaching.
☑️ Business Builder Program.
☑️ FREE access to the full SMASH program.
☑️ Coaching, e-book, templates and scripts. 
☑️ Access to LIVE Hypnosis sessions

That's right! Literally everything you need to finally get the business you deserve!

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