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Hey, I'm Amanda

My Mission... 

is to help business owners reframe their thinking and create transformational change to achieve the success they aspire to possess.

Manda x

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Walk on a journey with me...

If you are ready to create an EXTRAORDINARY life, then join me and choose your path today.

I am grateful...

Travel is in my blood. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in four different countries so far and have plans to do more travelling while I work.

My dream was to live in Australia, a dream I’d had for over 30 years. I’m lucky that I achieved that dream but it wasn’t without struggle. Four days before we were due to leave England I fell from the top of the stairs and seriously injured my leg.

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Challenges from the Universe...

At first the doctors believed my knee was just broken, however, after 10 months, a series of tests and incidents, it transpired I was disabled. The accident had caused femoral nerve palsy - causing a loss of movement and sensation in my leg which meant I was unable to walk and in extreme pain. I had an experimental operation with some improvements but it was having a massive impact on my life. I was living with pain every day, not able to get up and down stairs, having no feeling in my leg and was only able to walk with aids.


I became desperate for help and frustrated by the lack of medical options. Even though I’ve always had a strong mindset, it started to impact me mentally as well as physically. I wasn’t able to do the same activities with my kids, I couldn’t exercise and I couldn’t work unless I was home-based. I felt like the joys of life had disappeared.

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Learning from experience During this time I inevitably had time off from work, but I needed to keep my mind stimulated.

I adore learning and over the years have achieved numerous degrees and qualifications. It was here that I qualified as a coach and mindfulness practitioner, as well as doing an NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) course. I learnt so much about the brain and how powerful it was. I’m a huge advocate for lifelong learning and so my education continued.

All for one and one for all! 

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