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Imposter Syndrome and HOW to get Over it NOW!

iOYriWhat is ImposterSyndrome: It’s just means you are scared of being a fake, a fraud and it holds you back. You might lack the confidence in your own ability. Some people can be consciously aware of this and some people don’t even know they have it. But I would suggest that anyone and everyone can experience this at some point in their life. Think of people who may inspire you who came from nothing… Here are some examples- Tony Robins, could have told himself he wasn’t good enough, his family couldn’t even feed themselves, how could be possibly be successful. He could have said I don’t even have a degree how can I become coach. Richard Branson - could have said; he only have £12 in his back pocket when he went to London, so he can’t possible be a successful business man because he doesn’t have the money. Tom Cruise - could have said; he has dyslexia so he can’t possibly be an actor. How on earth could he read and rehearse the scripts. Adelle - could have said; that her anxiety was too debilitating she can’t possibly sing on stage. And she could have dimmed her light with her voice never of been heard. Selena Williams in 2017, nearly died giving birth and was bedridden for weeks. But despite ongoing health complications, she was soon back on the court, returning to Grand Slam tennis at the 2019 French Open. She could have told herself she was not fit enough to get back out there. Jacinda Ardern took office in New Zealand in October 2017, she became the world’s youngest female head of state. The following September, she made history by becoming the first woman to bring her baby into the U.N. assembly, trailblazing for working mothers everywhere. She could have told herself that this was impossible because no one else have ever done this. These people you will look at and think are successful and they are but the only difference is just MINDSET. At times they would have had thoughts, doubts, worries, fears but they did the work, they invested in themselves and the faced the fear and challenges with a growth mindset and so can YOU! How do you spot Imposter Syndrome in Yourself:

1: People with imposter syndrome are always trying to be perfect, you may always working. You will rewrite, redo things constantly to changing things to make things perfect. They work too hard and burn out. You can struggle with sleep deprivation and not taking care of yourself enough. 2: You may worry about being fake, a fraud or getting found out. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fake it until you make it!!! (I hate that phrase) Because this just builds issues on issues. Just recognise if you care and want to serve you can’t be a fraud! If you are fulfilling your purpose you’re not a fraud! 3: You may become competitive - you don’t need to be the best. There is no need to brag or boast. You may find you are busy trying to convince yourself, as much as others. 4: You can fall into comparison syndrome, always trying to compare to someone’s journey, business etc. Which ends up holding them back because you can loose a sense of self, doing this. 5: You may need a lot of praise, encouragement and reinforcement- was that good enough, was that ok, did I do that right, how do think that went. This is above reflective thinking. 6: You can easily discredit yourself and minimise the great work which has been achieved. Did you know I got that wrong? did you see this though? 7: You can avoid showing confidence in case you are critiqued, shot down or humiliated. 8: You can be scared to show intelligence. You may hold back because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. 9: You may experience anxiety because you worry you don’t know what you are doing, don’t feel good enough, worthy enough or popular enough. 10: You think people are just being nice when they give you compliments and they don’t really mean what they are saying. How to get over Imposter Syndrome:

1: Be yourself - unapologetically! With all you glorious imperfections. 2: Take risks and embrace challenges - don’t be scared or nervous. Don’t wait to start or up-level - take a leap of faith in yourself! if you make a mistake, see it as an opportunity to learn from it and keep going 3: Get those boundaries in place- Learn to say no! 4: Live by your instincts and gut feeling - if you listen to it won’t fail you. 5: Trust you have the training available to you, you have the skills, capacity, passion and calling. 6: The most important words come from you! - positive self talk, praise yourself, reward yourself for the little wins. 7: recognise you are enough and deserve this 8: Get support if you need it - but don’t let your excuses be the reason not to succeed. 9: Recognise if you have been through things, this is your story, you have people to inspire and lives to change. Think of all the people you can help, peoples lives you can change! 10: Authentic confidence comes from knowing who you are. What’s your WHY, your purpose? REMEMBER: The world doesn’t want perfect it wants REAL. Share you message, product, business with the world! Someone needs you and it’s your duty and responsibility to help and support them. And remember we are all here for you cheerleading you on! You are a gift to the world, you are significant, you are worth it, you deserve this opportunity. You only ever need one person in your life to believe in you and that one person can be you - but if you’re in doubt I want you to know - I see you - I have your back - I respect you - I believe in you! Lots of love 💕 Amanda xx

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