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Amanda Brenkley: Therapist and Coach:


I am someone who helps business owners to reframe their thinking and create transformational change to achieve the success they aspire to possess. Attain personal empowerment and professional evolution with a fusion of coaching and therapeutic techniques focused on the head, heart and hands to master clarity, confidence and conviction in all areas of your life.


Signature Business Coaching & RTT Hybrid 1:1 Programme


You can’t succeed in business when you’re secretly self-sabotaging yourself at every turn. Grow your business to the levels of success you desire by overcoming anxiety, stress, negative mindset patterns or any other self-sabotaging behaviours with this bespoke 1:1 package combining coaching and rapid transformational therapy techniques.

Time to get out of your own way!

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Getting over Anxiety which gets in the way of your Success

How I Can Help You


Hi, I’m Amanda, a qualified and experienced coach, hypnotherapist and rapid transformational therapist. My mission is to help business owners like you establish the root cause of what is holding you back and stopping you from achieving the next level of success.


By working together, with a range of modalities in coaching and therapy, we can reframe your thinking and provide a transformational change in a solution-focused way, so you can succeed with clarity and confidence.


I take my clients on a journey of personal development and self-discovery and my practice is integrated with that journey so you have my support and guidance every step of the way. My unique hybrid approach to the work we do together takes steps to address the past and actions to create a new future, giving you the confidence to get exactly what you want out of life.


I’m passionate about helping people break their false beliefs, move forward and live an extraordinary life! Helping you sit in your confidence and be unapologetically you. 


Book a free consultation call with me so we can get to know each other better.

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Hey there! 

Working Together


I’m in love with my purpose, which is to help you change your life and your business so it has meaning and purpose to you, enabling you to create the most incredible life for yourself. I offer various packages with a range of prices to try to ensure the support you need is as inclusive as possible.


Explore how we can work together below and let’s start creating that extraordinary life you’re dreaming about!

We offer Rejuvenating Retreats


Relax and re-energise with an immersive, holistic experience designed to restore your mind, body and soul in the heart of the beautiful English countryside.

Every journey has a purpose


Rapid Transformational Therapy is limitless.

From supporting clients to overcome anxiety and succeed in business to assisting people in the physical health journey, including weight loss - the transformations I have witnessed in my clients have been incredible.


Not only seen but experienced! My own journey affected by disability has improved through the training I have done, allowing me to have a truly fulfilled life. Because don’t we all deserve that?!

I understand and am grateful for my journey here because my experiences and training mean I can help others with things that can dramatically change their entire life.


Now I help others to get out of their own way, harness the power within and take control of their lives so they can achieve their biggest dreams. This is my purpose!

Lives that have changed...



I was at a time in my life when things were very hard. I had big decisions to make which massively affected my family situation and children. I had my questions, concerns and worries about the road ahead of me and I questioned myself daily if I could make it through it! However, after turning to Amanda the way I looked at those hurdles I had to face drastically changed. I found a new confidence or maybe I just tapped into the one I had left behind at some point. Either way Amanda helped me change the way I looked, dealt with and managed scenarios going forward. I became mentally stronger, more mindful with clearer thoughts and direction. The support I have received is incredible and I believe without it I would not have been halfway down the road I have come down. Amanda is an amazing woman truly inspiring and anyone lucky enough to work with her would be silly not too!

Adelle from Cheshire 

I have had sleep issues for some time now and recently I have used Amanda's sleep meditation, all I can tell you it works, it sends me straight off to sleep. Thank you this makes such a difference, and I would recommend.


I have had the combined package of hypnotherapy and business coaching. Amanda immediately put me at ease, she helped me to understand what it is I wanted and how to achieve it, through supporting me to realise that I am enough. 

Through regression she enabled me to identify what was the root cause, which was holding me back, and how to let go of it. It was initially liberating but the overall long-term impact has been life changing for me. 

Amanda is so knowledgeable in a wealth of areas and really knows her stuff. Once you commit to wanting more for yourself, the kind of Therapy Amanda provides moves things on quickly. Her hypnosis recording was a game changer and to state the obvious I couldn't recommend Amanda and what she can do for people more highly. 

Amanda is warm, friendly and she made something that had once felt so daunting to feel so freeing. We even had a laugh along the way! Absolutely Brilliant. Thank you so much Amanda. 


 Natalie from Lincolnshire UK. 

You'll Love this!

  Free Meditation Bundle


Hey, Let's Be Pen Pals! 

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