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Hey! Welcome to my world!

My name is Amanda Brenkley, I am a mum to 2 incredible boys, entrepreneur and a country hopper who likes to explore.

What do I do?

I am a Rapid Transformation Therapist, hypnotherapist, coach, mindfulness practitioner with a keen interested in NLP. In short, I’m all about mindset and personal development.

Who am I?

I’ve been on the biggest personal journey that saw me travel to the other side of the world, I’ve worked with children and families for 25 years, suffered bereavement, separations, I’ve been in a horrific accident which left me disabled and I’ve survived raising children in the modern world… All of this has taken me on a rollercoaster experience, delving into the world of personal development and mindset work.

Throughout this I’ve always felt I had more to offer the world. I have always had a sense of purpose and passion for helping others. And so, I took a huge leap and joined my life experiences with my passions for the mind.

And if I have figured out what my calling is in life and can do this, then so can YOU.

We tend to have a burning desire in our belly, and we just dull it down or don’t know how to let it out and live the live we truly deserve. Have you ever felt like you want to do more, but you felt stuck and cannot figure out how to get what you want or even work out what you truly want? Because that's the biggest and first hurdle.

Who do I help?

As a result of my coaching programs and hypnotherapy. I have been able to support individuals push past their limiting believes and transform their mindset so they can master and create their best life and expand their business. My job is to help people transform their life from inside out on their own terms, to support them to stop playing small.

My up-and-coming blogs will be in relation to supporting people with a better holistic lifestyle. You have to believe you are meant for more and when you trust this everything starts to shift, and you can absolute have it all!

I have invested heavily in learning and development as a hybrid professional because I had total trust and faith it was the right thing to do. The more tools gain to more I can help others.

I truly believe that if you can THINK it, you can ACHIEVE it!

I teach people how to reprogram your own mind for more success, I’ve helped others to step into greatness with unlimiting excitement and happiness. And I’ve taught clients how to show up and shine out in the world in ways they have never shown up before.

To be more impactful, authentic, powerful, and engaged.

I work with individuals who are ready to stop living in the shadows, who want to stand in their greatness and start showing up in the world in a more meaningful way, to find their passion!

People like YOU!

You can absolute have it all.

If you are not happy, fulfilled in life then Get in Touch or check out the website: Therapist | Amanda Brenkley

It’s time to stop putting your dreams on hold and to start living!

I will give you a good shake up and wake up call.

I will call you out on the BS story you have been telling yourself for far too long.

Are you ready?

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